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Dedicated Full-Time Representative or Virtual Assistant as low as $4 per hour!

$160 per week covers a 40-hour work week. All office expenses included and only $64 month for Unlimited Long Distance Phone Calls. NO HIDDEN FEES.

For as low as $160/wk., can your business afford not to have this service? Call or email us today to learn more on how MyEmployee Solutions can help you!

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The Best of Both Worlds

MyEmployeeSolutions, a US-based and managed company offering a full range of services to small- to mid-size businesses from our facilities in The Philippines.

Depending on your needs, our services can come with a dedicated Representative or Virtual Assistant--a full-time employee who will work for you and your company only. Regardless if you require one or 20, your dedicated Representative(s) or Virtual Assistant(s) will provide you and your customers with a professional and fully-personalized service at a fraction of the cost of providing it yourself in-house.

Each Representative or Virtual Assistant has the following minimum qualifications:

  Degree holders from accredited universities
  English speaking
  Familiar with Western culture and business acumen
  PC and internet literate

Times Are Changing

In our ever-increasing "globalized" world we are able to enjoy products and services from all corners of the world. Our options are almost infinite and are only a "mouse-click" away. As consumers have come to not only demand these unlimited options, but also competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

As a result, Small- to Mid-size Business (SMB) leaders are under constant pressure to remain competitive not only in their own market region, but also on the world-stage.

Are you only a "mouse-click" away from losing market share to your competitor located around the corner or on the other side of the world?

Are You Prepared To Meet These New Challenges?

To increase market position SMB leaders must continuously reassess their business practices along the entire product or service delivery pipeline. They must be able to meet the new challenges brought on by innovations in technology, sales and marketing channels, demanding customer support requirements and internal business process/support management.

Failure to recognize and respond to the new "globalized" business environment can effect your bottom-line.

If you donít react, your competitors will.

New Business Solutions

MyEmployee Solutions can help you navigate the obstacles of developing new strategies along your service/product delivery pipeline to meet not only todayís challenges, but also tomorrow's.

See how our Services solutions can help you not only meet these new challenges, but also become a market leader.